Meet ARTIC. A New Breed Of Call Centre.

Call centres are an efficient way for businesses to handle calls whether that be to manage large volumes of inquiries or to accept calls outside operating hours. The challenge with call centres is the high cost of hardware and set up. ARTIC is a new generation of call technology which allows businesses to have call centre capabilities but without the high price tag.

ARTIC (AVANSER Real-Time Inbound Call-Centre) is a cloud-based call centre solution that gives you the flexibility and control to not only manage inbound calls but also improve the way calls are handled by your business.

Traditional Call Centres Lack Sophisticated Tracking Tools

ARTIC is powered by AVANSER which means you’ll be able to track the source of every call (i.e. what marketing activity brought that inquiry in), who took the call, how the call was handled by the agent including the outcome of that call.

This gives you the ability to zero-in and get precise feedback on areas of improvement either with your marketing or with your agents to continually improve performance.

Traditional Call Centres Typically Rely On In-House Agents

ARTIC is flexible, because it is a virtual system you can have an agent working in-house or remotely from any location.

Traditional Call Centres Are Expensive

Traditional call centres create a substantial impact on bottom lines to initiate and also to maintain. ARTIC is simple – there are no moving parts, everything is handled inside the cloud. ARTIC is agile – you can have 1 agent, or 1,000. ARTIC has no ongoing hardware or software costs other than the monthly subscription.

ARTIC offers many more benefits:

ARTIC offers powerful call centre management which is affordable, easy to set up and can deliver the power of AVANSER’s call tracking solutions all in one package.

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“We would have continued not knowing the numbers, what happened on the calls, whether they were missed, converted, what important words were being said, it’s a bit scary to think about.”

Michael Ruttley

Director, Ruttley Plumbing