Call Notification

Get notified.

Missed Call Notification

AVANSER’s Instant Missed Call Notifications is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to contact, qualify and convert more leads.

• Plug leaks in your sales funnel.
• Opportunity to re-engage a lead while they’re still hot.
• Return missed calls promptly
• Use the data to view the ad source number, time, date, etc.


How it works:
As soon as a call is missed, AVANSER’s system captures the data, including voicemail recordings, and sends it straight to the appropriate person or team via email or SMS. You can brand it to suit your needs. Fully customisable, these notices can be styled to suit your business and will give you:

• Time and date of the missed call.

• Calling Number.

• Answer Point (i.e. the party that was to receive the call).

• The advertising source that generated the call.

• The Caller’s location.

• Status of the call (i.e. busy, missed, abandoned etc…).

• Recorded Voicemails.



Missed calls are important, but they aren’t the only calls that businesses need to be aware of immediately. Smart Call Notification lets you define the type of calls you want to be made aware of immediately, and lets you know as soon as these calls occur via email
or SMS. Decide the type of calls you would like to be notified of based on a single criteria or any possible combination of:



Below are examples of how Smart Call Notification is used: